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(Frequently asked Questions)

Q: Can I import/convert my old dbase (r) or FoxPro files from another system to SubTracker?

A: Theoretically Any ASCII Database characters can be converted. If it is simple, we don't even charge extra to do it. If it is complex, we will give you an idea of cost up front. We try to keep the costs down. If you have a db with a proprietary db, we can build your SubTracker db from your hard copies, typically over a weekend when you don't use your db anyway. Simply ask us for more details.

We prefer to convert only the customer data -Name Addres Phone number etc-  as the client accounds can be a mess or complex.

Q: Will it work on Vista or XP?

A: Both have been tested and work well.

Q: Why is the price so low? Is it still a fully fledged billing program?

A: SubTracker has been around since 1985. That's a long time in Computer years. The only reason we are still around is we must be doing something right. 

We come from a Cable TV ownership background, originally wrote the first program for ourselves in dbase, eventually graduating through many iterations to Visual Foxpro, the fasted PC database programming language we know of.

 The program has grown because of our own demands and those requests from our users. SubTracker is in use in many countries. Thus the features we have are those specifically requested by our user group.

Q: Will SubTracker control my PPV decoders?

A: No subtracker does not directly control decoders, however the data can be imported (on request) from the hardware factory provided software. 

Q: We are thinking of switching to SubTracker, but have a huge supply of pre-printed statements that are unlike the ones you specify.

A: We can adapt to almost any statement. We will simply get you to fax , or scan and E-Mail or forward copies of your present statement, and we can easily assess the time it will take to adapt. The Subtracker options are the lowest cost options available. This is not to suggest they look cheap, they look professional, using pre-printed colour logos. Our lowest cost recommended statements (Standard size available everywhere) fit into a duo-vu windowed envelope, eliminating having to print and synchronize addresses on envelopes. You can even use pre-printed 71/2x7 sheets and a laser if you want.

Q: We do our billing manually, how hard is it to get started
on a computer from scratch?

A: We used to bridge this chasm all the time. The program is written in the same logical order as doing it manually, so finding your way around is a breeze. If you understand the difference between billing and printing statements, you are already half way there.

Q: We are a small system, with nominal cash flow. How big a computer do we really need?

A: SubTracker runs quite well on any Pentium, we have tested it down to P75, and with a small number of subscribers, performs quite well. What we do suggest though is a newer hard drive with a 10ms or faster access time, as they tend to be much more reliable than the older ones. Ask what the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) is before purchasing, it should be in excess of 150,000hrs. else consider a a RAID 0 drive setup. A RAID 0 will speed up any computer. Any new PC will work well on most Windows.

Really older computers will need a software driver to allow the larger drives to work. Be sure to ask your PC tech for a copy, it should come free with the Hard Drive. Also, it pays to bring the PC up to at least 65Mb of RAM to work efficiently.

For the most part we recommend a min P366, with 120Mb of Ram. If you have over 1,000 subscribers in any one town, it will pay to keep the speed up.

Tested on W95, W98, W98SE, W2000, XP, VISTA HB

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