The Cessna, the Sky, and the Cartoonist


The only technical thing you have ever done is figure out how to convert from pen to word processor, and now, in the twilight of your life, you figure it's about time to learn to fly. You are mature, smart, coordinated, and your public adores you, what could go wrong!


Perfect Gift
For the Pilot Who thinks he has Everything


By John Ewing


   What Happens when you take a 'retired' Texan in his 70's,  who has worked as an animator for Disney for much of his life, then stick him into a new country (NZ) half way around the world, then try to teach him to fly? The results are nothing short of hilarious. And, for thos of us who learned to fly the hard way, you can empathise with every step.

  You will see John’s credits on such Disney Epics as “The Jungle Book”, “Winnie-the-Pooh” and others.  


Not only do they drive on the wrong side of the road in NZ, but they fly upside down (relative to the northern hemisphere) when landing and the airstrip is only slightly wider than the wheels..

   Only the fertile mind of an artist/cartoonist could view the stressful antics of learning to fly in such a hilarious yet subtle way. Anyone who remembers the pressures, the stress, and the pride of learning to fly, will relate to this step-by-step rendition of flight instruction in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand! 

S  o much is the same, and yet, as you will find out, so much is not. 


 NZ: Winds around a high are anti-clockwise: Can side-slipping make you go blind?

Petrol is Gasoline, Papatoetoe is a place not anatomy

The suns still sets in the west, but it travels through the Ozone hole to the North...


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It brought tears to my eyes as I read this book” 

One Canadian bush pilot 

unabashedly admitted.  

John has captured the very essence of learning to fly, the real stresses, the overload, and the raw humour. An Excellent read!

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Unique and perfect for the Pilot you know who thinks he (or she) has everything.


People who purchase the book for themselves, often like the book so much that they purchase more in Qty as gifts for other fellow pilots.




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