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" I would like to express my appreciation for the final effort to produce final drawings which incorporated virtually all modifications that i had requested.  the work produced ... was of a high standard and results, I believe, in an appealing design for a year-round vacation home."

                                          John W. Robson

Description: 2 Br,   Panoramic windows and a sliding glass door to the balcony provide an excellent view from the living and dining areas.  the efficient kitchen layout is open to the dining area and front window view and is located close to the bathroom to provide for an economical plumbing hook-up.  

The Niagara Mark II  achieves three well zoned bed rooms in a compact and highly affordable plan.

7.32m x 9.14m footprint                                 

Niagara MKII   7.32m x 9.75m footprint

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